House of GlamDolls

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House of GlamDolls is a creative hub of all things makeup, founded by industry experts David Horne and Chinyee Chu. David is both an academic (who has worked at London College of Fashion) as well as a professional makeup artist with 24 years experience in the industry so you really do get the best of both worlds when being taught by him. He has held managerial and directorial roles at MAC and created the fabulous cult Illamasqua products Skin Base, Skin Base Lift, Hydra Veil and Matte Veil to name a few.
The other half of the dynamic duo is Chinyee. She started life off as a Window Stylist at Harvey Nichols and was a Bespoke Jewellery Designer to private celebrity clients. She joined MAC in the 90s and has since had managerial roles at MAC and Illamasqua. Since pioneering the House of GlamDolls her interior and furniture designs have flourished, if you see something cool in the studio, Chin probably made it! She deals with the daily management of the brand and keeps David in check. She also has the loveliest young daughter Ochre, who I’m sure will be taking I’m sure will be taking the world by storm once she’s older!


The House of GlamDolls studio is located in Islington, London and provides a unique may of learning professional makeup. The courses available range from two to five day courses covering basic skills, glamour, vintage, male makeup and more! Personalised tutoring is also available and more info can be found at here.

As well offering education, House of GlamDolls provides excellent products at affordable prices, which currently include the GlamBase wheel, GlamDoll lipstick, the Spatulette, false lashes and the Black Box. They are available direct from House of GlamDolls and some of the range is also available from Love Makeup and Cocktail Cosmetics. I will be reviewing all the products in due course!


I’ve completed three courses at House of GlamDolls and will soon be interning with them. The brand is close to my heart as I’ve been following them from the very beginning and they represent everything that is right with the industry. The brand only launched in September 2014 and has shown incredible growth in just four months. I think it’s safe to House of GlamDolls is one to watch!

You can find House of GlamDolls at:
Facebook: House of GlamDolls
Twitter: @HouseofGlamDoll
Instagram: @HouseofGlamDolls
Tumblr: HouseofGlamDolls
Pintrest: HouseofGlamDoll

All images in this post belong to House of GlamDolls ©

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