The Art of Male Makeup

10963978_382828468561576_131127944_nMy copy of the fabulous book

The book

The Art of Male Makeup is a collaboration between David Horne, Mark Bowles, Spob O’Brien, Daniel Ellyot Moore and Achraf Amiri. It explores masculinity in relation to hair, makeup and art in a way that has never been done before. Male makeup is usually either “guyliner” or drag but this book shows how makeup can actually be used to enhance masculine features.

Take a look at some of the images from the book below:

 aomm1 aomm2Images © HausOfHorne

Paul on the end, in the black and white (which is a colour photograph, with momochrome makeup!) is actually one of my good friends, hey Paul if you’re reading!

The book concurs that makeup is about self expression, and it is there as an aid to anyone would like to know how to add a more masculine feel to their aesthetic.

The course

As I fell in love so much with the book, I decided to take the Art of Male Makeup course that was offered by House of GlamDolls. The course was held in the same studio that the book was shot in and was led by Mark Bowles. Mark started by doing a demo on how he likes to apply makeup to a male face, sharing tips and tricks along the way, and then it was our turn! I found it very difficult at first because the way Mark showed us was completely different to how you traditionally apply makeup to a woman’s face. We got to work on two different models, and I felt much more confident on my second look.

Daniel, the photographer for the book, was also there which meant we could get some amazing shots of the work we did. These are the two looks that I created:


aomm6_800pxMakeup by me | Images © Daniel Elloyt Moore

I thoroughly enjoyed both the book and the course, and would recommend both to anyone who wants to explore the male side of makeup.

The book is £25 and available direct from House of GlamDolls, Love Makeup and Cocktail Cosmetics.

All products in this post were bought by myself.

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