House of GlamDolls Lashes

House of GlamDolls launched their original false lash line last September featuring 6 different styles and they have just released two new styles. I have the whole range here to review for you.
The original lash range (styles 1-6) are glamour lashes so are all quite long and the two new additions (7 and 8) are shorter in length. All lashes are made from 100% human hair and the glue provided is latex free.

The lashes are £5 and available from Love Makeup, Cocktail Cosmetics and direct from House of GlamDolls

#1 SuperGlamDoll

1 2

SuperGlamDoll are the longest and most intense lash in the range. While being long and full they are extremely comfortable to wear. Because the ends are wispy it means that the lash wont hide all the eyeshadow work you may have done.

#2 SultryDoll

3 4

My personal favourites! Sultry doll start out shorter on the inner corner and get longer towards the outer corner, perfect to compliment a winged liner or an almond shaped eye.

#3 FlutterDoll

5 6

As the name suggests, FlutterDoll adds a lovely flutter of lashes to your eye, being fullest in the middle. I love stacking these with SultryDoll when I want a fuller lash.

#4 WispyDoll

7 8

These lashes are similar to the FlutterDolls, but have long wispy lashes added to them. Perfect if you like wispy lashes.

#5 DollLift

9 10

Dollift are corner lashes which are perfect if you want to add a little more drama to your outer corners without wearing a whole strip lash. You get 4 pairs in the pack so extra value too.

#5 UnderDoll

11 12


UnderDoll are the perfect bottom lash. Not enough brands do bottom specific lashes so it’s great to see HOGD have included a pair in their range.

#7 DollMix

13 14

The first of the new pair of lashes added to the range and my new favourite! I’m a little bit obsessed with as they were exactly what I was looking for in a pair of lashes, and as usual David was able to create exactly what I needed. They are short enough to fit under my glasses but still provide nice volume and definition to the lashes. The outer corner has some brown lashes added to add more dimension.

#8 Dollique


Dollique provide maximum volume to the lashes without adding length. They’re a great pair for stacking too.

Have you tried any of the lashes yourself? What are your favourites? Let me know.

All products in this post were bought by myself.

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