Laser Hair Removal: My Experience

Just a quick note: I never planned to write about my laser hair removal experience when I started so I didn’t take photos after every session, so sorry about that. Also some of the photos aren’t particularly nice to look at so bare that in mind.

I should start by saying I got laser hair removal done on my beard area. For a bit of history on my facial hair, it was course and dark (the only reason I let it grow out that far is because I had tonsillitis at the time and was too ill to shave)1958417_10202345839900234_1696950684_n
Why did I get laser hair removal?
As you can see in the photo below, even after shaving I still had a really strong “5 o’clock shadow” and I hated it. My skin is too sensitive to shave against the grain, which you need to if you want a really clean shave, so not only did I have the shadow but I always had texture on my face too.

How does it work?
In simple terms, the laser attacks the pigment in the hair and fries the hair follicle. For a more technical explanation, visit the sk:n website. You need to get the treatments done every 4 weeks (for the face) to allow for optimum results. It’s worth noting that it isn’t a miracle treatment, after the 8 sessions you may still need additional ones and you will always need yearly maintenance treatments to stay hair free.

Where did I get it done and how much did it cost?

I got mine done at sk:n clinics starting off at the Milton Keynes clinic and moving on to the Southampton clinic as that fitted around my uni schedule best. It cost £950 for 8 sessions, if you book a set of 8 you get 20% off (and often they do months where it’s 30% off so it’s worth waiting if money is tight!) Yes it’s expensive, but completely worth it in my opinion. With the 8 session booking you also get a free skin care pack which includes a cooling spray, spf and aloe vera gel and a free glycolic peel worth £80. The clinic staff were all lovely and I would highly recommend sk:n clinics if you’re looking in to getting laser.

Does it hurt?
Very much so. It does depend on your skin tone though, as the laser attacks the pigment in the hair the more pigment there is in your skin the lower the settings have to be (or at least that’s my understanding of it) so if you have darker skin than me in theory it should be less painful for you. I don’t really know how to describe the pain, it feels a bit like you’re getting stabbed in the face repeatedly with a needle. Luckily it only takes about 10 minutes to cover the beard area and it doesn’t hurt once it’s over. Once the session is over I would go home and apply my aloe vera gel and would freeze a bottle of water and use this to cool my face down. I’ve included a few photos of what my face looked like after my sessions, don’t be too alarmed, my skin is sensitive and flared up a lot, but I don’t think most people’s skin would have quite the same reaction.

2nd(after my second session)

3rd(after my third session)

6th 6th2(after my sixth session)

7th2(for some reason on my 7th session I developed some bruising, it went down after a new days though)

8th 8th2(ouch! this was my 8th and final session)

I’m now left with about 80% hair reduction, and could benefit from more treatments but they will have to wait until I’ve saved up some pennies. Over all I’m extremely happy with the results and despite the pain it is so worth it.

I still have to shave once or twice a week as the laser doesn’t effect the blonde hairs that I grow, however it’s much better than before.

10924719_10204407390477710_4538504899091327509_n(This is pretty much the extent of the hair that I can grow now)

(All opinions in this post are my own and the treatments were paid for by myself)

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