Featured artist: FKA twigs

fka-twigs-lp1-artwork“I don’t know if I’m a tortured soul, but I was born heartbroken. I remember feeling it when I was so young.  I was like, ‘Mum, it hurts.’”

This weeks featured artist is a little different as FKA twigs, real name Tahliah Debrett Barnett is a singer, songwriter, producer and dancer. She’s my current obsession, as she’s different from other current mainstream musicians. Her songs all have deep meanings, but she refuses to explain them to allow for individual interpretation. She’s a quiet and timid young woman, who doesn’t have a big and obnoxious personality like a lot of mainstream artists, which makes her more endearing.

Her latest music video Glass & Patron, which she also directed, brings voguing back it’s black and LGBT roots in a stunning way. Check it out below.

Her makeup and styling is always flawless, and I love the way that she embraces her natural hair texture and skin colour allowing her natural beauty to show through.

fka twigs1280-bx5ssyp59tykwgq1dnbmzh36686nd1fskwahzncwFKA-twigs-BRIT-Awards-2015-05

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