20 Questions Beauty Tag


Questions: (source)

1. What is the one product you’d grab if your house was on fire?
2. Which beauty vlogger would you want to do your makeover?
3. What celeb do people think you look like?
4. What beauty product do you save for date night?
5. Which of your guy friends takes longer than you to get ready?
6. If you could create your own miracle beauty product, what would it be?
7. What’s your best beauty tip?
8. What beauty products do you love to splurge on?
9. Which beauty vloggers would you bring on a shopping spree?
10. What is your signature scent?
11. I am on an endless quest for the perfect _________.
12. How many beauty products does it take to get you ready?
13. What lipstick/lip gloss is in your purse right now?
14. Who is your celebrity beauty icon?
15. Name the beauty brand you’d most love to be a spokesperson for?
16. What’s your current nail polish?
17. Fave mascara right now?
18. The last thing you bought at Sephora?
19. I try never to be seen without wearing _______.
20. What’s one beauty product you’d always recommend?

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