UMAexpo 2015 Vlog

I went to the United Makeup Artists Expo at The Business Design Centre in Islington, London on Saturday and decided to try out vlogging! The expo was great, with lots of discounted brands to shop and interesting talks and demos to watch. It was lovely to see a few friendly faces there too.

People/Brands featured:

Laser Hair Removal: My Experience

Just a quick note: I never planned to write about my laser hair removal experience when I started so I didn’t take photos after every session, so sorry about that. Also some of the photos aren’t particularly nice to look at so bare that in mind.

I should start by saying I got laser hair removal done on my beard area. For a bit of history on my facial hair, it was course and dark (the only reason I let it grow out that far is because I had tonsillitis at the time and was too ill to shave)1958417_10202345839900234_1696950684_n
Why did I get laser hair removal?
As you can see in the photo below, even after shaving I still had a really strong “5 o’clock shadow” and I hated it. My skin is too sensitive to shave against the grain, which you need to if you want a really clean shave, so not only did I have the shadow but I always had texture on my face too.


Featured artist: Trixie Mattel

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 22.01.45 Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 22.02.40

Trixie Mattel (real name Brian Firkus) is a drag queen from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. who is currently taking part in RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7. Her style is over the top, unblended Barbie realness. She brings a fresh take on drag to the show that hasn’t been showcased before. Her look seems to be a very love it or hate it judging by the fans of Drag Race on social media but I personally love it and she’s in my top two favourites of season 7 so far.

It also doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous out of drag too!



Featured artist: Jonathan Curtis


I recently discovered Johathan’s YouTube channel and was obsessed straight away. He has a really warm and welcoming personality that makes his videos a joy to watch, as he talks about his latest skincare, makeup and beauty finds. He uploads twice a week which pleases me as there is always new content to watch. (more…)

Featured artist: Ryan Burke


“The portraits I create express a perspective on human styling that does not rely on conventional clothing, hair, makeup or accessories but rather an aesthetic derived from the use of unusual materials and makeup to create otherworldly personas.”


Paris Is Burning | Review


Paris Is Burning is an American documentary by Jennie Livingston on the drag/queer scene in the 1980’s in New York City. It focuses on African-American and Latino gay and transgender communities that were involved in the scene.

The film shows how the “ball” was born and how contestants would have to fit into a category and be judged on their “realness” (how well they have portrayed the category). While the judging may seem harsh at first, it comes from a loving place. Many formed “houses”, which are groups of people that form a family as they were rejected by their biological families. It also addresses the popular terms of “shade” and “reading” that, all these terms that are still used today.